Mt. Evans and Mt. Spalding

This last weekend I ventured to the Front Range of the Rockies in Colorado. I wanted to escape from school, and work, and this was the best way to do it.

We started at Summit lake, heading north on Mt. Evans trail. It took us up almost 500 vertical feet to the top of Mt. Spalding. Here below is a view from close to the summit of the Chicago Lakes. And below that is a photo of the mountain goats that populate the area,

The route took us across a scree field and required just a little searching for the cairns that litter the route. After passing the Sawtooth, and beginning the main ascent to the top of Evans we decided to stop and make a cairn of our own as a little contribution. (I have been on a trail crew and made sure that it was adequate and helpful) 

The whole route was about seven miles, though it usually is five, but we hiked a bit on the Sawtooth towards Bierstadt for some great views of Abyss Lake. It was a great addition to my growing list of 14ers and Mt. Spalding was equally enjoyable and was only about a 1200ft vertical climb. The descent was quick, we used the Northeast trail, but it was a very loose scree field that was treacherous at points.

 Winter in the mountains is quickly approaching and the trails and roads up to the peaks are already closing so I suggest getting out there in the next couple weeks. But the spring promises even more adventures, and I hope you enjoy these photos.

Here are the peaks I have had the pleasure to climb:

Oxford, Pikes Peak, Evans, Bierstadt, Cloud Peak*, Gray’s, Torrey’s, Harvard, Spalding*

*Not 14ers, Cloud Peak is also in Wyoming

For weather and information use

Here are all the Photos from the trip, also included are a couple photographs of a cemetery from 1860’s that was on the side of a mountain, something that particularly interested me.


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  1. James Austin says:

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    It is mid-winter here and I miss the good weather and great views. Time to start planning for next spring.

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