The MoPac Trail

The MoPac trail is a pedestrian, cycling and equestrian trail that runs for 26 miles of old abandon and converted railway. This railway was once known as the Missouri Pacific Railroad’s Omaha Belt Line, which sounds like a lot to say so thankfully it has devolved into MoPac.

This scenic trail takes you through corn fields, low creek beds and over rolling hills. I recently rode for a portion and here are some pictures I found along the way, Fall is one of the best times of year for this trail.

I have put about 200 miles on my new Nova Sport from Jamis Bicycles in the past week, and this had to be one of the better rides I have had so far.


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  1. elmer says:

    Perfect place for biking. And photography. Simply beautiful!

    1. James Austin says:

      Thanks elmer, it is one of the best in Lincoln. Sometimes it is difficult to go out on a ride and want to take pictures, but this was a good day.

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