Wish List: Revolights $250

Recently a company called Revolights has come out with a new and interesting spin (excuse my pun) on the traditional bike light. Revolights is a new company that through the benefit of a Kickstart campaign have been able to put their product in motion. I personally can’t wait to see what else these guys can do.

Some specs on the lights, according to their specs on their website:

4 hour battery life (a little short but they aren’t made for touring)

8 waterproof LEDs at 35lumens each

These lights as I mentioned earlier aren’t meant for touring or long-hauls but more for the urban traveler. The website says they are theft resistant but I wonder if they could take a beating on an off-the-beaten-path ride. I personally enjoy this idea and hope that with more money coming in they will expand their line. But at the end of the day their $250 price tag may dissuade all but the most eager buyers. They sure got me hooked,

I love to pedal,


(all images are from Revolights and I am just spreading the word of such a great product)

As seen from my contribution to multiple gear review sites.


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