Monkey Bowl 2013

It has been over two weeks since this tournament in Nashville so I am pretty late in posting these. In between packing for this weekend’s tournament, in Verona WI, called Wisconsin Swiss I decided to post the pictures I had from the gameplay after I got injured.

Anyone who has played Ultimate before at the club or elite level can attest to its intensity and the athleticism required to play. Every tournament I attend I find more and more people that are the most explosive and purely athletic individuals. After a long drive that lasted 16 hours and occurred overnight we made it to the fields with 10 minutes until the start of our first game. We won the first two, placing second in our pool, the next day we lost our first two games and were dropped out of pool play. It was a good development weekend where we took some younger players, along with a pretty slim sideline we were exhausted after the weekend.

Here are some action shots and some sights from Nashville.

Fun Fact about Ultimate:

It is difficult to estimate the exact distance travelled per game but an average elite player will travel over 5 miles a game, sprinting jumping and laying out.


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