Arches National Park

Arches National Park was a treat. Apart from the soaring temperatures that followed us on our trip the whole week, there were no other issues. Arches is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. It comes loaded with perfect bouldering spots that can easily turn into sport and recreational routes with the right equipment. Even if you are not a huge climber, it being Moab territory, the mountain biking is near perfect. We did a large bit of hiking in the morning hitting quite a few of the more tourist laden areas such as Delicate Arch, and Double Arch, followed by some more strenuous routes in the evening.

There is a series caught for me by a friend of me running and climbing up a small wall, not for any other purpose than just because a tourist said, “Hey that doesn’t look climbable.”

The trip we took through the Southwest took us through Arches, then over to Grand Canyon, down to Joshua Tree, through San Diego, up to Sequoia and then Yosemite. So keep an eye out for those posts soon to come. And some of the gear provided for me I will be posting a few gear suggestions and my opinions on them.



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