Patagonia Specter ($70-80) : Best All Around Shoe


There are a few things that constant hiking and backpacking for two weeks teaches you, and one of the most crucial is the importance of a good shoe. Which is where the Patagonia Specter comes in.

We hiked through rain and mud, desert and dust, even bouldered and climbed and the shoe took it all. The vents provide for fantastic breathability and accelerated drying when the wet conditions strike. Sure making a hiking/trail shoe may have a standard recipe for success but I think Patagonia took it one step further to find a livable shoe as well. The cushioned sole, which seemed a bit thicker than a few I have had before (I am looking at you Keen Shellrocks), which dissipated and distributed the weight well making it a dream for my feet.

A few specific things I wrote down in my journal while on the trip:

Bouldering/Rocky Terrain: The shoe’s burly material stands up to ANYTHING, and the pattern of tread gives it grip almost anywhere.

Water: As I mentioned the vents allow for quick drying and the larger sole and stitching make it quite water resistant.

Long Haul: The light and structured nature of the shoe makes it livable and even comfortable to rack up the miles in.

There is nothing better than walking by other hikers and hearing, “My feet are killing me” and knowing your shoe is better.

Here are some pictures of the trip and what I put the shoes through.


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